The Australian Centre for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis (ACEAS) has been a virtual and physical Facility within the Terrestrial Ecosystem Research Network (TERN) for both disciplinary and inter-disciplinary integration, synthesis and modelling of ecosystem data to aid in the development of evidenced-based...

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How participation worked

ACEAS supported three main external activities: Targeted Workshops, Working Groups and Sabbatical Fellows, applications for which were open twice a year. There were six 'rounds' managed in this way, from May 2010 through to November 2012. Other meetings were supported for separate...

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Each of the ACEAS groups analyse and synthesise information to gain new insight into the critical question they have chosen to pursue. They produce a variety of outputs, including presentations to their peer groups and the wider community; meeting reports; Final Reports;...

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About TERN

The Terrestrial Ecosystem Research Network (TERN) was established in July 2009 to provide a national collaborative infrastructure and framework to assist in collection and management of scientific data to meet the needs of the terrestrial ecosystem research community. The network...

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The ACEAS Grand Workshop 2014 PDF Print E-mail

Science making sense: the role of transdisciplinary synthesis


The Grand ACEAS Workshop 2014 was designed to explore the relevance of analysis and synthesis in this data-rich world through the experience of ACEAS participants. The ACEAS community has pioneered the Synthesis Centre experiment in Australia, and can speak with authority about the utility of an intervention such as ACEAS, and its relevance to the thorny trans-disciplinary, trans-organisational and heterogeneous challenges that face us. The event was a combination of public discussion and the traditional ACEAS Workshop.


It was held from May 7-9 at the Shine Dome, Gordon Street in Canberra and was attended by over 80 people from throughout Australia.


One of the features of this Workshop was the Hypothetical which you can watch here.


Attendees the link to the Grand wiki is here

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Where in the world?

ACEAS participants come mainly from Australia, but critical expertise is sourced from throughout the world.  Click on the map to see full size.


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ACEAS Grand Workshop 2013 PDF Print E-mail

ACEAS Grand Workshop 2013 – Freshwater Ecology

This year’s Grand ACEAS Workshop is centred around Freshwater Ecology and will be held from the 19th-21st June in Brisbane. The Grand Workshop will bring together approximately twenty five nominated participants from nine ACEAS Working Groups that have focussed on topics around ecosystems dependent on our freshwater resources.


International Joint Synthesis Centre Meeting PDF Print E-mail

Held at the Centre for Synthesis and Analysis of Biodiversity (CESAB) 9-11 October 2013


Synthesis Centres as a global phenomenon...


A new global community of practice has been established and has launched a new, shared, web site. The first meeting of biological science synthesis centres from around the world was held in France from 9 to 11 October 2013 at the home of CESAB, the Centre for the Synthesis and Analysis of Biodiversity. The meeting, spearheaded by the trans-continental team of ACEAS (the Australian Centre for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis) and CESAB, brought together leaders of Synthesis Centres from four continents: Europe (including the UK), Asia, North America and Australia. These innovative additions to the tools of science have grown from small beginnings in the mid-1990s as the community has recognised their value alongside the explosion of data intensive science.

Forum at Questacon on the 20th February 2013 Print E-mail

Ideas and Influence: how can scientific knowledge shape policy?

ACEAS and TERN brought together a prestigious line up of leading scientists and policy makers to discuss the science-policy divide. Moderated by Sara Phillips from ABC Environment Online, the speakers were: Lord Robert May (ex-Chief Scientist of the UK), Dr David Schimel (USA, first Director of the National Ecological Observatory Network), Prof. Lesley Hughes (eminent climate change scientist, Macquarie University), Prof. Andrew Campbell (TERN Board Chair, Charles Darwin University), Dr Subho Banerjee (Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency), and Mr Nicholas Rowley (Strategic Policy Consultant).

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